Enterprise Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant established in 1952 as a plant for manufacture of boiler auxiliary equipment and auxiliary pipelines for new thermal and nuclear power plants and also heating networks enterprises. 

Up to 1992 the enterprise was a structural unit of Ministry of Fuel & Energy of USSR, and since 1992 as a structural unit of Ministry of Fuel & Energy of Ukraine, producing power equipment for implementing power projects in Ukraine and abroad. 

In 1997 in accordance with State Privatization Program in Ukraine, the enterprise had changed it’s ownership, and as a result it was created Joint Stock Company Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant.

Long experience of the plant for manufacture equipment for thermal power stations, pipelines of steam and hot water, pressure vessels, provides a wide range of manufacturing power equipment.

The presence of advanced machinery equipment, high level of equipment technology service of the plant, qualified specialists guarantee the timely and qualitative execution of orders. 

JSC Kharkov Boiler Mechanical Plant situated in industrial zone of Kharkov and owns developed infrastructure, essential for solutions of major manufacturing tasks.

The total area of the plant is 62 000 sq. m., 38 432 of which is a covered area, including workshops and administrative buildings. Manufacturing facilities of the plant are 33 045 sq. m. area.

In 2008, the plant completed construction of a new plant area of more than 1000 sq. m. and for the first time it is mastered the German technology of DEUMA Company for manufacture membrane (gas-tight) walls. The development of domestic production of membrane walls allows to avoid dependence of using membrane walls of import manufacture during construction new and modernization of existing power boilers, that significantly reduces the financial costs, reduces deadlines modernization projects, increases the service life of power equipment and its effectiveness. The use of advanced certified European technology in the production and reconstruction Ukrainian boilers will allow manufacture the product at the level of the best world analogues.